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STEL is an artisanal fabrication company that specialises in accessories and ornaments for high fashion

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Mandarin Oriental Ritz,

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5-7 July 2022

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Stel Ornements has been
included in the prestigious
Homo Faber Guide

(Michel Angelo Foundation)



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The workshop opened in Barcelona in 1995. Directed and overseen by Bibis Castañer, STEL strives to create hand-made pieces for haute couture and pret-a-porter runway collections.

STEL exclusively designs and creates all of its pieces in complete confidentiality for its clients. Every year, STEL presents its newest collections in a vast array of colours and polished pieces that are comprised of the finest organic resins and other materials.

Every piece contains tiny treasures inside, from gold, leaf, flakes to natural feathers, wild silk, delicate lace embroidery, sequins, flowers and other natural wonders. STEL invites you to participate in a creative project of exclusive and one-of-a-kind fashion ornaments and accessories today!

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Contact us

Bonavista 23, local Barcelona 08012

T. +34 659 695 842 bibis@stel-ornements.com Instagram: @stelornements

Barcelona, a mediterranean city, colourful, inspiring, powerful


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