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Stel Ornements is an artisan atelier specialized in the creation of accessories and exclusive pieces for haute couture, luxury prêt-à-porter and high-end furniture applying a singular savoir faire into eco resin.

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Stel Ornements has been
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Homo Faber Guide

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Stel Ornements is a Barcelona based atelier specialised
in the artisan manufacture of accessories for haute couture,
luxury ready-to-wear and high-end furniture.

Following a family tradition, Bibis Castañer founded
Stel Ornements in 1995. Since then, she designs and
manufactures artisanally, according to her inspiration
or commissioned by the most prestigious haute couture,
ready-to-wear and interior design and furniture houses
and brands, ornaments and signature pieces aimed to
beautify clothes, accessories and spaces.

The pieces designed and made by Bibis Castañer
contain a wide range of treasures: natural feathers,
high-quality fabrics such as wild silk or natural
threads, lace, sequins, flowers, eco-paillettes,
leaves -sometimes they are hand-dyed- or paper.


Stel Ornements is committed to ecological and
recyclable resin and materials that come directly
from nature and local suppliers: its production is 100%
local. Bibis Castañer believes in honest dialogue with
nature and in the value that environmentally friendly
practices and processes can bring to the brands and
clients with whom it collaborates and their respective
value chains. The combination of the base material
(resin) with the rest of the elements results in an
infinite universe of possibilities and versatility of styles.


The atelier is a creative laboratory: ideas are not
only born to respond to customer needs but also
as a continuous exercise of creativity. It is a space
of continuous experimentation. Bibis Castañer, alma
mater of the project, believes in the possibilities
that arise from collaborations between artists,
creatives and artisans. For this reason the doors of
her workshop are always open to welcome joint
exploration of new and infinitive creative paths.

«Our savoir-faire is alive, rooted in tradition, but constantly evolving»

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Contact us

Bonavista 23, local
Barcelona 08012

T. +34 659 695 842
Instagram: @stelornements


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